The Brand Panel is an easy-to-use game-creation and publishing tool for brands to engage customers, increase brand loyalty, and boost retention and sales.

The tool allows brands to create and publish marketing games with customizable game graphics, gameplay, and rewards. It lets the brand manager quickly set up and publish games to track user engagement and data from different channels.

Brand Panel Dashboard

User dashboard to create and manage marketing campaigns.


Winday is all about games. Check all available games by the link:

List of All Games

This is the key creative and engagement factor for every brand and its target audience. In the Brand Panel we offer multiple options for game selection when creating a marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaigns

The Brand Panel provides 2 marketing gaming campaign creation types: Instant games and Tournaments.

Publishing, Analytics, Account

Review multiple options for the marketing game publishing, data collection, and general settings, including Account and Billing.


Everything about publishing including links, plugins and other integrations.


Campaign insights, data collection and Google Analytics integration.


For verified brands email design functionality is available.

Winday Account

Manage your Winday account, brand information and billing settings.

Advanced Setup Options

Explore more setup options for playable marketing campaigns:

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