Create Game

There are 9 steps to create a new Instant Game.

Step 1. Game mechanics

Step 2. Gameplay balance

Step 3. Skin selection

Step 4. Skin palettes

Step 5. Game Start screen

Step 6. Game Over screen

Step 7. Codes settings

Step 8. Campaign setup

Step 9. Publish confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions

How many discount codes can I generate or upload per a game?

You can upload or generate up to 10,000 discount codes per single Instant Game.

If I generate discount codes, how can my customers use them on my website?

After generating discount codes during Instant game creation, upload them into your e-commerce CRM system to sync the list of codes between the game and your website. Your customers can then apply these discount codes on your website after winning them in the Instant Game.

Can I sync a list of discount codes available on my e-commerce website with the game?

Yes, during Instant game creation, select the "Upload codes" option and upload the file containing the codes. This action will sync the codes between your website and the game, enabling your customers to win your discount codes in the game.

If you have more questions, please check the entire FAQ.

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